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My Expertise Is In Politics
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

My Expertise Is In Politics

There was a promise you made.
With the giving to the people,
Of your word you would keep...
Our interests kept as your priority.

Everything you said would be concised and clear.
Free of frivolity...
And you'd make your policies precise and sincere.
Letting people who elected you,
First to have your ear.

As soon as you were sworn into office,
You quickly disappeared.
Do you have an explanation for this.
By all means.
Your response is what we wish to hear.

You are most deserving.

My fellow countrymen...
Men, women and children alike.
It is like this,
You asked if I had an explanation?
Explanations I do not make.

My expertise is in politics.
What more did you expect?
That I would be as honest as those...
You helped me in my campaign to eliminate,
Are you kidding?
I have a reputation to protect.

Clear the way for my entourage, please.
Thank you.
Good luck! '

We elected you.

'See my press secretary.
We'll ensure each and everyone of you,
Receives a signed 8 by 10 glossy.'

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