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My Eyes Aren'T Sad Anymore
JC (6-25-39 / STAUNTON, VA)

My Eyes Aren'T Sad Anymore


My eyes aren't sad anymore, I'm happy these days
I don't cry tears in the dark
And things are looking up
Don't know how this happened

I know God had a big hand in this
Just know I has not the power to make it happen
So I look to Him with thankfulness
And all those who prayed for me

So I thank you each and every one
For any thought you had for me
They all helped me make it thru
Cause alone I could' nt do it

Life is awful funny sometimes
We go up and we go down
We laugh and we cry bitter tears
And think life couldn't be worse

But in the end we fight on
Till God does call us home
Tonight my eyes aren't sad anymore
And a smile lights up my face

And I pray with thanks and endless joy
To all who gave me a lift
Maybe tomorrow will be different
But today my eyes aren't sad anymore.

Written by Jo Carey

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A nice poetic imagination, jJO. You may like to read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks