DJ (10th August 1991 / Slagelse)

My Failure

Yes I screwed up..
I know it all from bottom to top..
I know our trail..
I know were I fail.

Yes I know it's my fault..
I didn't hear, that you called..
I did my best to change for you..
But was that enough, to do.

I did put in my full effort..
But not then, our relationship was shot..
Later on I made the mistake..
Another girl I did take.

I confessed, I begged, I cried..
I want you to know I tried..
But it wasn't completely best..
What I did invest.

I now, lie..
Every night and cry..
I miss you so..
While I wonder why.

Next morning, night, evening whatever..
I thought again, we would be together..
But now I know, that probably won't happen, forever..
So sit alone, and I do shiver.

I still wish for you to come back..
Even though knowing, you'd never take me back..
Just know what I, we, you had with me..
Now please, come back and see.

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