An Adore

Can't explain what is this feeling
Since the first time I saw Her
it makes me felt something with myself

Something different
Something I don't know exactly
Something that makes my life more meaningful
Something that seemed to erase all my fears
Fears to have this feeling again

I don't know how to show this
I don't have enough courage
I just enjoy looking at Her
With all the beauty inside

I ask myself everyday
What is happen with Me..?
Am I fall again..?
Am I deserve to wish..?

I can't find a cause to let Her know
She doesn't need to know this
This is enough for Me

by Fadhlan Fadhel

Comments (2)

Is this a quarrel with one's own conscience? What ever it may be, the ponderous message it caries in it is real. Wonderfully penned and I enjoy it in a wholesome manner.
this poem has been my favorite poem my whole life it reminds me of hospitality when u cant do anything right. Its fantastic! !