HH (19/12/1990 / )

My Fallen Angel

My fallen angel,
My blessing,
Your tragedy,
On your way to heaven,
I grabbed your wings,
And pulled you to me,
Seeped your warmth,
And left you cold,
My fallen angel,
Guide of beauty,
Fallen angel I'm sorry,
Your tragedies my blessing,
I can't let you go,
Heavens too far,
Fallen angel,
Stay where you fell.
Stay with me.

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Comments (3)

i now have a favourite poem, thanks babe: -) and i think now that i can read it, that it expresses the whole idea of me being a fallen angel really well, in my eyes at least. I love you from your Fallen Angel 0: -o
HOLLY...BEAUTIFUL STORY AND SO ELOQUENTLY EXPREESED... WE ALL NEED ANGELS TO HELP US CARRY OUR CROSSES... AS FAR AS POETRY, I THINK YOU'RE DOING FINE ON TOUR OWN... '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''`f. j. r.~''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
AHHHH sweet peom Holly, Love from dave xxx