BA (10/13/89 / Maryland)

My Falling World

Water hits the rocks,
like the hurt hit my heart,
pieces of rubble,
tumbles to the bottem of the ocean floor,
like my heart trembles with fear.
The thought of losing you,
tore me apart,
as a beast,
feasting on it's prey.
Hoping was a lost cause,
tears rolling down my face,
like it was the end of the world,
kept assuming the worse.
The more i heard,
the more the tears flowed,
eyes getting tired,
heart getting weary,
faith slipping,
then i heard some good new,
you're in recovery.
My sad tears,
turned to one's of joy and happiness,
and my heart got lighter,
so now i say,
everythings goin' be ok.
: : end: :

**I wrote this not to long after, i found out my cousin had cancer**

written: 11/9/05

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