My Fame

I don’t need no diamond rings

I don’t need no strands of pearls

I don’t need no fancy cars

I have everything I may ever need

I don’t need to follow society

And be as skinny as I can be

I don’t need no millions and millions

And I don’t need to be filled with greed

I’m happy the way that I am

I work hard to earn my money

I love to laugh, I love to make people happy

I can’t ask for much more

I am famous in the middle class eyes

Of my work and of my friends

So I don’t all the money or the plastic

To be accepted into this world

This is my fame

The way I want it to be

To live a normal life

Without the cameras following me around

by Mowie DeCorp

Comments (1)

Take the around off the last line and it will finish nicely Mowie! Yes being your self is to be famous indeed, there is so little around of it! Don't forget the working classes though, being famous is to be able to walk with all men! Or so Mr Kipling said in his If poem. Smiling at you, Tai