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My Family
RG (1975-? ? ? ? / Flint Michigan)

My Family

Poem By Ray Gasiewicz

I see my family
Only every other weekend
I visit in a strangers house
But for the weekend i'll pretend

Excitement builds in my heart
I drive for three hours one way
But once i pull into that drive
Daddy is home to stay

I see my kids
I see my wife
I see the man
Who has stolen my life

He leaves out the door
For two days he wont be back
For the time being
My life is again on track

The days fly by
The nights even quicker
And as sunday nears
The tears build thicker

Sunday is here
It's now time to go
I must be tough though
So the pain i don't let show

The goodbyes are said
Kisses and hugs have been given
Now inside my heart
The pain level has risen

I pull out the drive
To my real life i must go
Why is this happening to me
Only GOD will ever know

As the tears hit my pillow
I wonder why can this be
Why i have to wait two more weeks
To see my family

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Comments (3)

powerful, powerul writing, full of emotion. the poem read and flowed wonderfully, you clearly have a talent. i'm sure better days will come. keep writing One tap
You've done a great job here at showing your true feelings, thanks for sharing and I hope things work out for you!
Another sad one Ray, but at least you are able to express what you feel which is a very good thing. Keeping it bottled up is no good at all. We are great listeners and can be great advisers on PH, so we're pleased to welcome you amongst us. I'll be the first to say HELLO! ! ! ! ! ! and Welcome. Love Ernestine XXX