AH (08-10-1984 / Australia)

My Family

My dream of a family
Fills my head
A world of laughter
A life of joy
But my dreams
Seem so full of doubt
Will my dream
Ever be a reality
Will I feel the kick inside?
The warmth of hearing
Another heartbeat deep inside
The sleepless nights
Exhaustion and pain
Such things would never
Compare to the joy
Of holding my child
In my arms
Feeling his heart
Rhythmically beating next to mine
His love I need
My love already so strong
For my child that doesn’t exist
Only in my mind
I pray for that day to come
To come soon
For this love is sure to burst
I long for days and nights
Watching over my beautiful child
No words can describe
How I feel
Just know that when that day comes
He need not worry
For he will always be loved
So cared my dream
Will not come true

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