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My Fantasy

I awoke to songs of nightingales,
harmoniously echoing sweet serenade.
The thought of you pierce deeply through my heart,
fantasies of you, till death do us part.
Like the appearance of the most radiant star,
Your face illuminates like the way that you are.
Deeply in my fantasy, I touched your soft glossy lips,
I was drawn compelled to grasp that kiss.
It felt like heaven on earth, a brief moment of ecstasy,
like the real thing, the way we want it to be.
As though, I could smell the sweet perfume of Lebanon
With my lips to your neck and we hand in hand,
The feeling like electricity jumps through my veins,
That caused me to quiver, the stab of loving pains.
It's my love for you that has me hypnotized,
It's because I love you I’ve won the prize;
Worthy of you my heavenly bliss, you’re mine!
Now and for ever, my Love Devine

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