My Father

I remember vividly
if it is today
my fathers ways
my fathers character
his way of moving
his way of talking

I remember
when he spoke to me about his own youth
about his parents, brother and sisters

I remember
the tears in his eyes
when he told me about the death of his son
and about the death of his first wife

I remember
his kindness,
his loving ways towards me
and my brothers and sisters

Yes, my father was a man
I looked up to and who I adored
he was my inspiration for life

He thought me
to respect the feelings of others
and to respect nature

He thought me
that no matter of who
or from where you are
that everybody is equal

And even now
the years of my own life
are slowly passing bye
and I myself are a dad
I still think of him every single day

For that man, my father
was and still is
my hero, my example for life

by Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken

Comments (2)

An honest and sincere tribute to your father! A touching poem I felt it inside dear poet! ! Stay always blessed..10/10
Slowly passing by. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.