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My Father
NN ( / San Antonio, TX, USA)

My Father

I was a child, and he was a father; With all powers.
On his black charger;
He looked like some dragon fighter,
Emerging from fathomless sea.
Winged seraphs of heaven rounded my father,
The hero of my sweet dreams.
I remember, he tied my laces, as I wore my shoes
Dancing with me to the birdies jamboree.
We played frisbee and threw dodge ball;
And hosed each other till we laughingly died.
He taught me the laws, all those moments,
And cleared my soul, to see good from bad.
One day as we laughed and skipped rocks on our pond
The lord called him back.
He whispered in glory, some magic words;
After those whispers I saw him in the morgue.

You wind: You light; You crazy birds; Take my love;

And bid farewell to the place of his rebirth.
An (d) beg my father, meekly!!! May we, someday;
Somewhere; In some other dimension; Fly side by side

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