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My Father.
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My Father.

Different roads cross each other.
Planes and cars use them all.
Roads once walked by my father,
The giant, strong and tall!

Escaping war, bombs and evil,
only twenty years old.
His way defeating devil
is still to be told.

On the road day and night.
Fear, hunger and pain.
Hoping to see a final light
in each advancing train.

How could I doubt your ways,
so many years ahead,
of staying sane on days,
absorbing fears of getting mad?

Today - looking at your grave,
I understand one part:
Treating life so brave,
that's how you entered in my heart.

Different roads cross past
and present life as well.
No way to forecast
which future will prevail.

Appreciating your life, Dad,
tends to lead me now
towards what I've never had:
The knowledge of who, and where, and how!

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