My Father Instilled

My Mother called out to me,
I had to come

To the depths of Her longing
my spirit would run

From four thousand feet,
She cried clear and loud

And as her first born,
I rushed downward and proud

From the Canadian Rockies,
my destiny ran

Through Glacier and Yellowstone,
where all time began

At Page Her arms opened,
pulling me in

And She welcomed my rapids,
to baptize again

Reborn in the current
of their unbroken dream

She shouted my name,
the past-future redeemed

My intention now raging,
my soul shared with them

She asked of my Father,
Her words formed the wind

I said, "He is sleeping, "
His tears for you melt

His promise now drained,
His love greatly felt

Her heart pounding furious,
Her depths I now fill

Her womb I reenter
—my Father instilled

(Villanova Pennsylvania: August,2017)

by Kurt Philip Behm

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