Living High And Mighty

There are no halls of 'justice'
Where the elitists and those of greed feed.
These folks feel entitled to manipulate laws.
And choose to screw who they do at will.
Everyday they play with lives,
As their constitutional right!
Believing they are above the law.
To change with addendums...
At the desire of their own appetites.
And they only represent themselves.
Living high and mighty...
As their pockets swell!
Knowing themselves too well,
To be untouchable!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (6)

This is such a good poem!
I loved this! I'm adding it to my favorite poem list.
truth is torched to the and know thank you
This is beautiful stuff straight from the heart.
I loved your... wonderful way of putting across the most poignant issues!
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