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My Father My Hero

You are my hero
The strongest person I knew
You are loved father
Loved by me, my sisters, my brothers and your grandchildren

You had your mistakes
You had your weaknesses
But you have always been there
You had given me the father's love
The father love that I needed, I got it
So thank you father
You are my Hero

When my mother left
You took over her role
You became a mother and a father to me
You were there during my adolescence
You witnessed every stage I went through
There's a saying in Pedi that says
"Mmago ngwana o swara thipa ka bogaleng"
(Meaning A mother handles a knife on a sharp edge)
And I'm saying to you father
"You handled a knife on a sharp edge"

I don't think you knew
How much I appreciate you
How much you mean to me
And how much I love you
You were perfect in every way to me

So thank you father
Thank you for your support
Thank you for your love
Thank you for being there always
In good times and in bad times you were always there
You are my Hero.

REST IN PEACE DAD! Love you always

by Mologadi Bongi

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