MH (3-22-1964 / Westwood)

My Father's World

I know human make mistakes by what they do
because they are free
in the my father s world, but do they think of him and me
the world is spinning
but there is a fight they are not winning
something in the world is missing
even if my feet on my crucifix is what they are kissing
Can scientist save the world's precious gifts on earth
when they celebrate my birth
Can the world still exist with me
when they see me
will they be happy and when I come
I will bring peace on earth
it is a world without end
I will come when everyone believes in my father and me.
Can they put away all material possessions
and saving animals is one of thier proffessions
sometime humans make me sad with thier earthly obsessions
when I risen from the dead they were glad
i stayed fo r 40 days until my father came for me.
I will come again

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