Sound Of Soul

The within emptiness and loneliness the tense and immense that encircle life. Where the fear of own worn the depths of the soul the heart drawing the flow of soul upon own words. Alike the accumulate and articulate within the depths of then mind that hide the tide that navigate upon life. The strife and strive upon the confine of own pain that an ingrain within the depths of the mind compose life. The nurture of the journeying soul seeking an utmost embed upon the mind. Where a settle and resettle activate own fate into utmost resurface and surface upon earth.

by Alexander Keli Mutua

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I am officially a super-fan of Philip Levine's poetry. H cannot put his pen to paper without writing a real world
YOSSEL PRYSZKULNIK was my grand uncle and also PHILIP LEVINE is my cousin and write after a long trip in Spain (Momtjuich) for my father DAVID BER PRYSZKULNIK... 'The Survivor' with the french carrugated 'CITROEN' car to go from our home in NIMES to ARLES ...POETRY IS ALSO IN THE SAME TIME REALITY ALFRED PRYSZKULNIK