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My Favorite Memory (I Miss You Sallie)
NAB (New Years of 1983 / North Carolina)

My Favorite Memory (I Miss You Sallie)

I'm reminded of the first time I saw your face
A memory not at all easy to erase
But thats not why I liked you at all
And thats not why my heart seemed to fall
And it wasn't the way you looked or dressed
But none of these things made me like you less
There was something about your eyes that
seemed to capture my interest
And something about your voice that made my
heart beat so hard against my chest
And then if it wasn't these things was it your personalilty
No it wasn't this that compelled me
And if there was so much you could offer
which one thing would do
It was not one thing or two things not even
three but everything about you

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Really Good! It shows deep feeling. J