AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

My Feeling On Avatar.

Quite many years, I haven't watched a movie like this
which shows me a very colorful and great story as it is
The newest technology in taking and directing a movie
that is not only for the merely simply a lot of movie stars

It really is consist of many kinds of arts and technologies
The screen is so perfect arranged with many imagination
Looks like the fairyland in the other out space star
Have you ever seen the screen in any place like this?

The whole story in Avatar is so naturally telling us about human being
between the difference of the earth and Pandola star.
The criminal officer of the earth tried to defeat and get advantage
What the ugly things that would be brought to the innocent out-space

The purely innocent Avatar people is so poorly killed by our scientific weapons
See the poor Avatar people were killed without proper shelter and protectors
What do think about the problems on the earth\'s human beings
Are they crazy just want to get rich materials from the out space stars?

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(Note: What do you feel about this Movie!)

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