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My Feeling's

my feeling's

if i died today would anyone even care?
would anybody even notice i wasn't there?
the stuff in my head are getting harder to bare
i really hate how life is so unfair

i became the kind of man i hate
but i guess it was written in fate
but i hope for my sake
someone might try to reach out to me to make me a better man

i have no one here to make my pain soften
i think about making my own sand coffin
i think about this really often
but i didn't write this to make anyone sadden

this is about me and my feeling's
i don't care about what meaning's you make of this
cause i really don't give a heck about what people think of me anymore
I've always thought about what people wanted me to be like before

i will become the man i used to dream about being when i was younger
the kind of man who was disrespectful who's anger was like a never ending hunger
the kind of man without remorse would kick you around 'till he nearly rips you asunder
cause one of these days i will drag one of you people down under the ground with me

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