My Feelings For You

you make me smile
but i dont know why
i dont have any idea
i just feel happy when i see yah!

you make glow and grow
but i dont know so
i cant find any reason
i just have different reactions

now, im asking
why sudden change of feeling
im missing you badly
why should i, silly

is this feeling mutual? i ask
and suddenly love knocks
i now figure out
the feeling is real and still counts

by carla joy cuala

Comments (1)

Yeah, i dont know what it is... its not one thing in particular that attracts you to them, sometimes theres just that special something that cant be explained that makes you love them :) and you cant seem to put your finger on it when you're not with them, and when you are, you dont care what it is. I feel ya Carla, keep up the great work, i loved your poem: D