My Fellow Americans

My fellow americans
far be it from me to sow the seeds of despair
'bout enemies that won't play fair
what we always said was always right
america, i tell you, will not shirk that fight
we shall be exercise our mighty might
and, yes goddam it, win by right
my speechmakers - they know their rhymes
my speeches always here on time
my words with meaning fully filled
my thoughts as bright as daffodils
not by idle words that simply seek
to seek false morals in being meek
no! i tell you now america
this land so blessed and so free
that a kinder gentler time won't be
if we avoid those bigger issues
like to the arabs selling tissues
now, i hope you like my little joke
i am - in truth - a simple bloke
i know whats right and what is wrong
i can't spell too good nor write a song
but i am here brave straight and tall
your c-in-c and after all
the buck stops here and let me say
i am proud that it should be that way
i hate the way those media folk
turn my speeches into jokes
for i am true america
i know the threats i have a plan
i took us there into iraq
my critics all should now take back
their weasel words and sophistry
for its so very clear to me
that while the weapons were not there
they might have been and so - i swear -
the scenes we now see on our screens
more horrid than our worsest dreams
full bear me out when i did say
that their's was not our star striped way
now there's iran - now here me straight
we'll hit them soon and we won't wait
i'll now be humble for i find
some don't like my vivid mind
i will say sorry - just this time
for words that just for once were mine
'dead or alive' i think i said
about bin laden when upset
its just the way i talk you see
why won't the world believe in me?

by David Keig

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