My Fellow Citizens...

Poem By Madhav Sarkunde

My fellow citizens grumble on:
Ours is failed democracy!
and call for Presidential System
Nay, they call it an ideal rule
Sad! really very sad! !

After the dark Age of hundred thousand years,
India saw a dawn of equality, liberty and justice
Common man found his voice that was gagged for eons
theory of 'one man -one value' is rooted in Indian Soil first time
all this came to us through only the gate of democracy.

My brother!
Even so, you disapprove of this noble truth
Do you wish to revive the rule of terror in the long past?
Would you mind telling me what democracy stands for?
and who failed it?
Do you think democracy is curry that goes bad overnight?
Is it an engine of a plane that suddenly conks out?
Or is it a factory that falls sick after a time?

I think,
Democracy is not a substance-
Solid or liquid
Or a person-
Male or female.
It isn't a lion, a peacock, a mountain, a sea and so on.
It is a common rule by common consent for common good.
Also your good will for your neighbour and vice versa.
Democracy is a fruit of sustained efforts of our forefathers
It is not general election and an auction of votes for notes.

Brother, it is us who failed democracy.
Our old habit of servitude still rules us
We always need someone other to govern us
Bofors, Commonwealth Games, Telgi, Satyam, IPL, Hawala,
And 2G Spectrum are not avatars of democracy as you think
or don't appreciate it from money-mad politicians around you.

You can realize how much counts democracy in our life,
if and only if you grow out of your habit of wrong thinking

Note: Some voices in Indain hold that India democracy, though nlargest, is failure to run country successfully. So they suggest that Controlled Presidential System be tried on experimental basis.

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Democracy can not be expected till there are opportunist in our system.

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