Poem Hunter
My Fellow Poem Hunter Poet's
(1958 - / From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By)

My Fellow Poem Hunter Poet's

Poem By James McLain

Please know,
I am great full to all
whom have
an interest taken
in what I have written.
Do to the nature
of our mostly corrupt
Outlets like
Poem hunter have allowed
to effect change for our
fellow brothers and sisters
around the world.
Question everything!
Brush up
on dark energy and dark matter.
Read up on the Kepler
There are infinite everything's
where size truly never has mattered.
And know that the greatest
scientific mind's in the world
are now almost certain
as to how it all really started and
how it will all go away.

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I hope your outlook and output will be appreciated by more readers and editors. 'Dark energy and dark matter' have to be probed by all who feel they have that force. Be a Kepler of our verse. Florida, a great place for plays by Nature.
Science is my religion. Though I have a great trust in it, I do not accept anything on faith Great poem, IIP