My Fifth Element

Poem By Rita El Khoury

Like the weightless invisible air
Something you can't grab nor hold,
Something at which you can't stare,
But which you'll need until you're old,

Like the graceful translucent water
That will slip through your fingers,
Of Mother Nature, the humble daughter
Whose melody defies the best singers,

Like the shimmering delightful sun
Too much far away beyond your scope,
That will hunt you wherever you run
But that you can't own even if you hope,

Like the solid undefeated ground
From which you come, to which you return,
That stays stable while spinning around
On which you fight, lose, win and learn.

You're to me like these four elements
As necessary as the water and the air
As far as the sun and my sentiments,
As close as the ground and my care.

You're the fire, the love and the guilt
The unreachable even though you're near,
The tower that will never be built,
The slipping, the spinning and the dear.

You're the trophy I could never win,
The fight I will never lead nor prevail,
My most sacred forth uncommitted sin,
You're the land to which I will never sail.

You're to me like the wind and the light
Something to rescue me or make me burn,
You're my home, my compass, my sight
I come from you and to you I shall return.

Comments about My Fifth Element

Sort of grandiose in style, yet lacking in original imagery. 'The slipping, the spinning and the dear' is an interesting line, as a re a few others towards the end. But overall, despite the obvious effort and admirable sentiments expressed, lacking in originality.

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