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My Fire

I have been lonely before.
Listing between friends.
Going through the motions again and again.
Adding the moments together,
like salty drops of tears in a bitter pool.
Living a life of tepid comfort.
Without passion, fire, flame.
Like a man in a cold room
Warm and wrapped in a blanket
Comfortable, but longing for fire
For the feeling of heat on his back
With his shoulder naked
And his eyes closed
This is how I see you.
You are the fire.
You are the warm glowing embers.
The black and red hot coals
And the blue fire licking the edges
I have been lonely before.
If only I had the courage to open my eyes
You would be my fire.

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Comments (3)

Ah this one is really lovely. Sadness and lonelyness well portrayed.
' I have been lonely before. Listing between friends. Yes, we've all been there... Nice poem, Colin J...
Cordell This I like a lot. It's alive with feeling. ..salty tears.....very good also it's tight and yet says its message quickly amd movingly thank you Martin