My First

To me she was the very best,
Clearly heads above the rest,
She was so sweet, the best I've had,
I bragged of her, to Mom and Dad,

She never argued, always gave in,
It never mattered what my whim,
I treated her right was always kind,
Even loud music she didn't mind.

For me she always wore her best,
No matter what the given test,
A lady she was, the finest around,
And wouldn't you know, she stood her ground.

She was the finest in the land,
Her love for me was always grand,
I loved that lady and do today,
But time had passed, we parted ways.

Pillowy white with red/gray interior,
Her front seat and back were always superior,
GM has cut her from the lineup,
No more Olds, for Buick I'll sign up.

by Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

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