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My First
MF (9/13/87 / )

My First

It’s happened
I’ve finally joined the ranks of my peers
I waited patiently wishing for the day that it would happen
And thankfully my waiting was not a waste of time

When I first walked in the room
I was nervous and
Feeling like this was too good to be true

Then I saw you and my heart jumped
I felt you there just within reach
And I smiled, knowing you would soon be mine

The deal was made
After what seemed like forever
And you were mine to do with as I pleased

So I hopped in
And took in the view
Of the beauty that lied beneath me

As I rode you away
I felt like I was in heaven
Finally free of my dependencies

And I will never forget the rush that I got
From the way that it felt to forge ahead
I have never been so pleased
As I was the day that I finally got,

My very first…….car!

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how cute! yes i was excited too when i got my car.