Poetry Writing And Song Writing....

Writing a poem and writing a song
Are a bit same and a lot different jobs.
A poem may or may not have music in it.
Or there may be great music to be felt inside.
A lyric for a song comes from music in the mind.
Verses here are wrought in tune of melody or…
The song is sung in the mind of the composer
Long before it comes in shape of any matter.
Poetry has gravity of being beyond ordinary grey matter.
Songs are so eager to enter the warm hearts.
Poetry is selfish; it does not care others.
But songs dance in many happy claps.
Things are changing very fast.
Many poems are being sung.
Many song lyrics are being read.
Lovely! Harmony is in the air.


Comments (2)

I feel the subject matter is very strong and he handles it with such directness. I think the reason we feel so close to this poem is because the writer is really talking to us giving us a reason to care. The title also gives us a sense of the story. My First Affair With That Older Woman when I look back now at the abuse I took from her I feel shame that I was so innocent It really brings down that stereotype that only men can take advantage of women. It provides with another way to view the male vs. female power struggle. Wonderful poem! ! ! ! !
one of his best poems