My First Convention

My first Poet's Convention
is worthy of some mention.
I thoroughly enjoyed it
and there was little
I could do to avoid it.

I met some great people
One in particular
came from the Big Apple.
They all made me laugh
and go crazy,
At least I didn't have time
to get lazy.

We danced till morning hours.
then went to our separate towers.

Wouldn't you know it
while I was there
I was also a poet
Everything I said was fine
and almost always rhymed.

It's starting to get easy
and it's beginning to make me dizzy.
As I was packing to go home,
I couldn't stop my mind
from all the rhymes.

I guess listening to
all the Poets read
has planted a little seed
It's starting to take root
and it's making me feel good.

by Alice Piotrowska

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