My First Hearbroken

I have always been lonely,
But I did survive,
I didn't have that 'special person' by my side,
I was sad,
But I survive,
I did not know what love really is,
Or how its feels to be loved by someone you loved,
But I did survive,
Untill the day you came along into my life,
And teaches me what love really is,
You build my hope and make me happy,
Its feels soo good to have you,
And I never want to lose you,
You make me believe with all the words that came out from your mouth,
You told me you love me,
You told me you will love me forever,
You told me you would never make me cry ever again,
You told me you are sorry for your mistake that you broke my hear,
It was on valentines day I remember it,
You told me to forget you,
One split second and world stops turning,
It hurts me soo bad,
But I gave you another chance....
Love hurts but I risk it because I love you,
Again I believe your words,
You said you will never make me cry again,
That from now you will only put the smile across my face,
But it was just a lie all over again,
This time I did not just cry,
But bleeding inside,
My heart is broken and tear apart,
Feels like I can't breath and can't survive,
Before you enter my life, I did not know what love it, but you teaches it to me,
Not Im addicted to your love and obsessing over you...
This time I really could not survive,
I hope I die some how so I would not feel the pain..

Monday 12th April 2010

by Anoymous Girl

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