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Mother- A Cherished Star

She walks with a charisma inestimable,
She brings home felicity inexplicable,
She whirls a house into a home,
She lingers for us after we have gone,
She is courteous in every her aspect,
She nurtures us with a love we can never expect.

She is all time carped for her little follies,
But without her can we become a real jolly? ,
She wakes up early and reposes late,
Does she ever blames her fate for that?

She sacrifices her life for our protection,
Does not she deserve our little contribution?
She reinforces us for all nine months long,
She craves for her merciless children in an old age homes.
Was it her flaw to carry us with her till we were grown?

She nurtured our soul by providing education worthier of worthy,
Perhaps by selling her possessions wealthier of wealthy,
Does she deserve such a treatment?
After giving her children such a commitment?

Men and Women are what their mothers made them,
Never leave her for this fancy world of fame,
For she is a precious gem.

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