My First Love

Poem By Dan Jensen

Please don't break my heart..
Please don't tear me apart..
I already miss you so..
Please don't go..
Don't leave me like this..
Come back blow me a kiss..
Join a relationship together..
Lets join up forever.

I lost you..
I knew our love, was too good to be true..
My heart is now skinned..
I have become undisciplined..
Even of a man, I try..
But it ends up in a cry..
I guess you just never saw me..
Saw me the way you should see.

I was left alone for the night..
Without the person I needed to hold me tight..
Oh god set me free..
Just let me be..
I had enough of this hell..
I will never be well.

To you, I felt drawn..
But now you are gone..
I found myself, alone facing the sun..
Not man, not boy, but loveless one..
Blinded deeply inside..
Yes, my love had died..
Without you..
I couldn't get through.

Comments about My First Love

'My heart is... skinned', great line that. Keep writing. Esther : ]
wow really good really! ! ! it hurts so much when the one that loves you leaves you alone to aid the cuts the person has left...hope I make sense...but as time pass you'll understand...have you heard the quote 'love make mentals into poets'? something like that... anyways this poem was really good! ! I'll be waiting more from you! !

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