My First Love Of My Life

My love for you grew every day that passed by
You told me you felt the same way
First you captured my heart with letters of inspiration
And then, you showed me how much you cared

Remembering beautiful moments is all I can do
Standing in front of us was true love, but
Time erased all that we had built together
Love like the one we shared will probably never happen again

Or, didn't you always say, 'It will last forever'?
Visions of our past still roam in my mind,
Eternal love, I thought would last forever!
'Open your heart to me', you always said,

Frequent words of our daily conversation...
Moments of joy and happiness: you grew in my heart,
Yet it didn't last as long as we planned
Long lasting, that feeling I had for you

In my heart, you will always be my first one
Finally, I can put all these thoughts and feelings behind and move on
Even though, in my heart, you will always be my first love of my life!

by John Ackerman

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Remembering beautiful moments of first love is interesting. This remains in heart. Wonderful drafting is shared here.10