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My First Orgasm
AC Alison Cassidy (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

My First Orgasm

it wasn't
for want
of regular experimenting,
but somehow
I could never achieve
that blissful state that others
told me I'd definitely recognize.

I looked
in books,
but they were anatomical
and talked of labia and uteri
and eggs and swimming sperm
and weren't much use
at all.

I filled my mind
with images erotic
from well-thumbed paragraphs
in Portnoy's Complaint and Lady Chatterley,
but these served only to intensify
the awful realization
that I would never enjoy
the mind-blowing experience they all wrote about.

And it wasn't
that I didn't delight
in the act of making love
and feel intensely erotic sensations
in those places I imagined I should.
It's just that I knew that there was something more.

And then
you came along
and with obstinate patience,
placed your hand in just the right place
and stroked and rubbed and coaxed until
my body felt a new and pleasant sensation
that vaguely mirrored childhood in the bath

and slowly the sensation grew
until I knew
that something irresistable would definitely happen
and found myself without pretense
as my body writhed and squirmed
and screamed
in tantalizing ecstasy.

Thereafter, I did it regularly
After all, practice makes perfect...

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You lucky, my wife is still waiting
I can't believe I missed this when it came out and just spotted it searching through your titles! Oh well, diligence pays off! Wonderful honesty and humor here. -chuck
HEH! ! ! ! Heh! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! what an exhilarating read this is Allie............... Great fun reading this one.... you didn't hold back anything did you...? ? ? Entertainment at its best! ! ! lolsss..... I honestly don't know what else to say...! ! ! ! ! ! Loved this one..! ! ! and still feeling the aftereffects! ! ! I am glad that you finally got the feeling.. lovess shan
In addition..... My wifes first Orgasm was on a rough Bus ride..... bouncing her stuff about.... How can I compete with a Double Decker? : -) Rogerx
And this gem tucked away on a faraway page...... Allie's poetry just gets better! She never fakes it! Nice to have been there! *winks* Rogerxxx.
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