My First Poem

My world was like a hot desert,
With a beginning and no ending,
Because i was like a serpent,
Always lying and cheating,

My life, my world, everything had changed,
Just because of a dream, a nightmare,
It was night in the middle of nowhere,
I was looking for a star that was red,

And just when i found it, all changes,
I was surrounded by all my friends,
But they where leaving in different ways,
I tryed to reach them, but it was meaningless,

Then i woke up and decided this...
I will change for my friends, for all of them,
In my remaining life i will protect them,
Even if i die, this will be a promise...

Even if the death reaches our world,
I will keep my promise and raise my sword,
That was forged with ice shards and fire,
That was frozed and burnt with my desire,

And when i'll fight and die, I will return,
Because I'm the fire that will always burn.

by The Fire X

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