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My First Tattoo
DB (03-08-1965 / San Pedro California)

My First Tattoo

Poem By Dwayne Bailey

While kicking back one night, with nothing better to do;
I started to wonder how it would feel, to get my first tattoo?
I asked my friend how it would feel, and he answered me without a doubt;
If you really want to know how it feels, kick back and lets find out.
Its really not as painful, as you may think it will be;
Its really quite exzillerating, as you are about to see.
He put his tattoo gun together, it started with a purr;
He said that it might sting at first, do my best not to stirr.
He dipped his needle into the ink, and was readdy to lay the first line;
When he said 'I dont want to hear you snivel, not even a little whine'.
And so we began the first of many, long and teadeous days;
Putting me through sheer torture, in many diffrent ways.
We started with my side and worked all night, until we reached my chest;
Thats when he said if the pains too much, we need not do the rest.
If you stop and look for a minute, you will surely see;
I can deal with the pain, when it comes to tattooing me.

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