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Poem By Daniel Mason

The pain was shocking
Yet left me begging for more
Laying on the bed
Underneath him
Not know what to do
Each time him moved
I gasped for breath
I couldn't scream
His sister was in the next room
He held me afterwards
As i cried
I couldn't stop
It was my first time
It hurt so bad
I couldn't really move
I feel asleep in his arms
And as he snuck out
He kissed my forehead
And said he was sorry
Then said good nite
What he didn't know
Was i was awake
I started to cry again
As i prayed to god
that my boyfriend never found out

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Comments (4)

Hollie, I understand what you have writen about, as something like this happened to me. Its a wonderful poem, you are very stong to write it. Love and Peace Charlotte
I was in that same boat once.
whoa! ...IS IT FOR REAL? lol
DEEP.is this 4rel? i just wanted to know