My First…≫

I felt your hand caress me…
My turn to learn about
The birds and bees.
Your hands in my hair
On my neck, my hands, my side,
You start to make it very clear
What you want…
You looked like a dog
Out on the hunt

I open my legs to you
You slip in
Nice and tight.. What's new
You start pumping
Harder and harder
We both start grunting
All the while we move
Closer together…
I can only pray to the lord above
Not to send me to hell
For this sin of all sins
Everyone that has done it can tell
It's a fun thing to do
I bet if god could,
He'd think it was to.
Staying quiet is getting to difficult
You whisper in my ear
'Your the hole i'm the bolt'
I can't fight it anymore
I let go of everything
I then noticed I'm no longer pure.
It felt too good to be real
Then you went down for
A final meal...

My first but not last time
My hormones had ever
Reached their prime

by Turuz Hautapu

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