My Folks (Way To Go)

It's about time that you meet my folks,
They look so nice by the way they walk,
Like all your secrets will be safe and locked,
But don't be surprised when they choose to talk.

The words from their mouth can grow you lean,
For every action of yours will be called a sin,
They believe only what they do is perfect and clean,
Allow me explain how their words may seem.

They say I feel proud ‘cos my stats have changed,
My ride flies the road like I got a Range,
I spend all my money and I keep no change,
But I have to keep cool to surpass the challenge.

They keep saying my bank account is overweight,
My cash keeps multiplying like it ovulates,
But they know not what it takes for that money to populate,
I started so early while they started way too late.

They say my ‘chic' gets pampered like no tomorrow,
I make her happy and she gat no sorrow,
But one thing that I think they need to know,
The way I live my life is the way to go.

by Albashir Adam Alhassan

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