GTP (December 1988 / Born in California but my 'Homeland' will always be Missouri)

My Forbidden Love

I love a girl with hair of red
“Keep your distance” her father said
Our only contact, within the church
More ways to talk we constantly search
Forbidden contact becomes the only way
That we are able to laugh and play
Her father insists it’s for her own good
Yet I can see he has severely misunderstood
As he enforces what he believes to be right
His daughter cuts herself in the dead of night
She is four years younger than me, this I cannot deny
Yet my love for her still reaches beyond the highest sky
I want my arms around her, I want her body close
Our lips in kiss embrace, we sail the darkest cosmose
I have more love for her than any girl ever met
My forbidden love: A real life Romeo and Juliet

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