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My Forever Shadow
RS (10-17-91 / NYC)

My Forever Shadow

It follows me like a loud shadow,
Pecking my soul like a starved crow.
My heart sinking deeper every step of my way.
This feeling of green that may never decay.
I walk but my soul has no will to rise,
I speak yet every sound slowly dies.
Self torture within this place of treason.
Lies spoken that took upon no reason.
Regretful I’ve been but its done me no right.
That little face, that no longer sparks with her light,
Cold I’ve made her heart, so she’s come to reject.
And this pain in my heart I have learn to accept.
Played with her, like a puppet on a string.
Yet joy and warmth to my heart she’d bring.
And now I desire her back, with apathetic smiles,
Yet the distance of our connection has reached long miles.
Those words that are only true to those who hear,
But when my sad truth came out, it brought out the saddest tear.
Now I choke on my throat, for I long our young days.
Yet to conquer her heart again, I must solve the never ending maze.
Pains so deep that maggots would be born,
So now the love she had for me I mourn.
And this shadow still here yells it can't be the same,
But my love for her refuses me from ending the game.
So I’ll wait until this voice is loud enough to get my best,
Then I’ll leave this self torture, and let her stay along with the rest.

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