My Fortress

Poem By Theodora (Theo) Onken

Is made of parcment paper
Manilla envelopes shade
The sun
Once a fortress made of
Now melted
By a welders torch
Tormented by lusts
Familiar call
The door is solid
Pasted shut with
Super Glue
Seven wooden soldiers
Mount my toothpick
To protect me
From you
In the daylight
Or in the shadows
At the midnight
My paper bell chimes
Warnings from
Plastic warrior power
Guarding my insecurities
From the dark colours
Sneaking through
The crevices
Of Brown and Blue
That are ouside
Sixteen miles away
From the
Chapel where bibles
Go to hide

Comments about My Fortress

Why thank you so very much Frank. Your words are too kind! Theo

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