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My Freedom
JSD Jocelyn Sumido Dunbar (03-02-1969 / Philippines/Australia)

My Freedom

My freedom of soul moving, fly to the air,
Sound mind, ease thoughts.

My freedom of body to move
And go to the way direction.

My freedom to think, views, enhance being to smile
Inside heart with goodness sight of thoughts.

My freedom to laugh that gives glittering in the eyes
Sprinkle like star in the night open to view happiness in mind.

My freedom to be alone in silence to talk inside self
Asking the divine guidance of the spirit in heart.

My freedom to look up, whisper words in heaven,
To look down, to see what is important.

My freedom to be with myself enjoying my coffee to drink,
My pen to write in notebook words for all who want to
Read my composition.

My freedom to honour God in his glory
'Till eternity.

© Jocelyn Sumido-Dunbar
5 May 2006
10: 05 PM

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