(August 02,1992 / Davao City)

...My Friend...

Hatred filled me up
Lost! ...Give me a map
Seen a friend I named HOPE
Though my friend does not dope
My friend's always up high
I always keep an eye

My friend is tough
My friend doesn't cough
My friend can't laugh
Everytime i see my friend
I can see the solution for my problem to end
Smile i could send

My friend is the only one i want to hang
My friend is not a snake, My friend don't have a fang
My friend soon, I will hang to you
NO my friend, not when i'm blue
It'll be when i get so bored w/ happiness
As well as with loneliness
When i'm plainly who i am
and everyhting seems calm

My friend, it wil be so soon
and i will be your own
my friend hope,
who doesn't dope
but my friend is a special ROPE.

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Pablo Neruda

I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You

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We do some times treat our friends as saftey ropes to help us get through hard times. Great metaphor.