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Poem By Rain Storm

I have a friend
A good one too
So don’t get me wrong
When I confide in you

She gets a bit moody
On a bad day
And says some things
She wouldn’t usually say

I have a friend
A good one too
Don’t tell her this
I’m trusting you

Sometimes when we talk
She hurts me inside
When we were young
She wounded my pride

I have a friend
A good one too
I’m saying this
‘Cause I’ve got faith in you

She screams and shouts
And yells at me
Sometimes she not
The best friend she could be

But, she is my friend
A good one too
When she’s nice
She’s as nice as you

And all these things
May sound like a lot
But they’re nothing compared
To the friendship we’ve got

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good friends are the one's that are themselves and let you be yourself with no worries or pretentions, hang on to her, she's goldust