My Friend

Poem By Ayesha Shamaim

Friend is like a star
who always twinkle,

friend is like a beautiful flower
who smells marvelous,

friend is like a sun
who always try to give warm hug,

friend is like a river
who always brightened evrything,

friend is like a rain
who always pour diamond when speak

friend is like a rainbow
full of colours and sparkle my world

friend is like a candle
who always give light and way

and a friend is like you...

Comments about My Friend

'A friend is like you'. Thats the sweetest thing I've heard in a very very long time. I love this poem.
ahem....................rawzner say its jst awsm prfsr...
hey ayesha...that is a pretty good flowing poem. i actually emailed it to someone special. keep up the good work
Really heart's close poem friend. Friend is like you who spread happiness all over.

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