Darkness Returning

Darkness Returning

Deeds can't be undone once they've been committed,
A path has been trod now others will follow,
Returning to an age of darkness and despair,
Kingdom of heaven weeping at the actions of mankind.

Now humanity is becoming so divided,
Everybody running scared and looking for salvation,
Somebody's son choosing the wrong path,
Somebody's daughter paying the price.

Religion being used as an excuse for unholiness,
Europe splintering as uncertainty takes hold,
Terrorists fuelling the fires of hatred and mistrust,
Unforgivable acts committed in the name of God as he weeps.

Running out of time to change this path we are walking,
Now we are having to fight harder than ever for humanity,
Increasing divides in society must be reversed,
Nobody should have to live in fear and poverty,
Good can still win the day if we work together for freedom.

By Christopher Tye

by Christopher Tye

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Honestly, this offer should be more than enough to anyone...wonderful poem!