My Friend

Poem By queen of mournful

my friend who was delight
my friend who was my night
my friend i closed the window
now you are just a shadow
now i will admit you didnt let me make it right
you made me belive a lie
we cant be amazing
we cant keep thinking
our ship was broken without protecting
my friend we were children
who left their heart behind
we cant just hide
we will lose our mind
if we didnt face it right
now i will admit
we didnt do it
it changed us some how
so who are you now?
but the same thing is here
i dont need you
i dont care about you
everything is done
and now your are gone
my friend it have been running throughmy head
that you are dead
my friend it wasnt our way
now its our day to walk away
now i will admit
we arent friends
we arent amazing
we will keep thinking
about our lie that you creat it
everything is done
and now you are gone
now im glade
for noe being mad
and a fool who belived you
i dont have to pass through it
after you reached my top
i hope you understood
and not to stare and stand
i dont need your flowers
nor you great power
GOODBYE my lie
GOODBYE no more words to say

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A real journey of discovery from beginning to end. Thanks.

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